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One of our Workshops out in the Woods

Warning: This is an archived page from 2015.  We left this info for reference purposes.

Comments from past participants:

“Really enjoyed the conference. I can see a lot of time and personal commitment was spent

on it. Was much better than the usual ‘Death by PowerPoint.’ Keep up the Hands-on portions.

They are GREAT!”

“Scott Kuipers is filled with excellent practical knowledge. Made the conference for me. Best

field instructor in WMS to date for me.”

“Conference is the best I’ve been to for the time and cost. By far the best value in the entire Wilderness Medicine community. I can’t believe it is put on by such a small organization.”

“Thanks for providing such a high content of FAWM requirements. Many of your topics are not covered elsewhere”

“Another excellent conference. Thank you all for making this happen! A unique, hands-on, and true to its word learning opportunity, really putting you in the mindset of WILDERNESS MEDICINE.”

“Amazing organization! Only someone who cares so passionately about Wilderness Medicine could plan something so amazing, fun, and educational! The hosts made each person feel like a special guest, not just one in a bunch of attendees. True hospitality!”

“I have been inspired to plan an adventure in the next year. It’s been over 10 years since I had an adventure. I now will plan at least one adventure per year for now on.”

“The entire weekend was extremely well planned, well prepared and well presented. It gets better every year and is the BEST presentation of its type that I have ever attended. It’s EXTREMELY impressive.”

“Hands on time increased value of conference. I doubt if you will ever find a conference that gives more time to practice new techniques.”

“Great location and a very well organized conference. A Godsend to Wilderness Medicine for the East Coast!”

“Some how you were able to make this accessible for the occasional camper/ hiker and wilderness buff as well as the diehard mountaineering/trekking/ explorer!! Well done!!”

“Great job feeding the group, without repetition and without burgers and hot dogs- WOW! Who’d have thought? The selections and quality were great.”

“Keep it going! What an excellent experience for all involved. I was quite impressed with how organized the event was on all levels: content, timeliness, and variety. There was enough time for all things: fun, food, learning, living.” 

ARCHIVED!!  Testimonials