PA Wild

Conference Location and Directions:
360 Deagen Rd
Hanover, PA 17331

UTM N 18 S 334818 4407979
Lat./Long. 39.80575°N -76.92960°E
Elevation= 195.1m
WGS 84 (World Geodetic System 1984)
(added for our slightly geeky navigation gurus)

The entire course is held outdoors: please note - this is a Rain or Shine event!!
Wild Med Creed (adapted from the USPS creed):
"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor hurricane remnant stays the Wild Med staff from completion of a successful weekend."

The Conference Location includes 10 acres of forested land (deciduous mixed oak hardwood forest), a 900 square foot lecture tent, a 600 square foot Food Pavilion, portable restrooms (Port-a-pots) and a sink with hot/cold water, and rustic showers with hot/cold water.​

From York, PA: Rt. 30 west to Rt 116; take 116 through Spring Grove and almost to Hanover; Rt 116 is also known as York St when you get close to Hanover; turn left onto Deagen Rd (it looks like a parking lot for trucks, but it quickly opens up to a country road); 0.7 miles on Deagen to mailbox 360 on Left.

The driveway entrance will be marked with a “Wild Med” sign. Take paved drive ¼ mile to log home - you will unload at Conference Site. We will shuttle you to/from parking area.

Take these phone numbers with you for any problems finding us:
Pete: 918-269-7624

Angela: 918-269-7648

Using a GPS device? Caution: We’ve been told from several folks in the past that they experienced GPS errors using our address. Please make sure your GPS device matches the directions above.

If you check out the directions on Google Maps first, it should be very easy to find the conference.

WildMed 2023 Location & Directions

​September 15-17, 2023