PA Wild

Wild Med Kitchen: over 1,200 meals served in 48 hours

Warning: This is an archived page from 2015.  We left this info for reference purposes.

Meals: Free with registration (and they are REALLY good!!)

All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch will be provided.

All meals are prepared outdoors over an open fire.

Watch Kat and the Cook Crew work tirelessly all weekend keeping the cook fire going. Enjoy their cast iron and Dutch oven treats all weekend.

On Saturday there will be three separate fires ablaze: Pig Roast fire, Kat’s Cook fire, and the Campfire!

Saturday dinner will be a PIG ROAST! Enjoy watching the Pig Roasting process all day.

Ice Cream Bar Saturday Evening!!

Vegetarian options are provided for each meal. Past examples include home-made Vegetable Soup (made from home-made vegetable stock), Quesadillas, etc. There will be a posted menu for each meal. There will be a “V” next to each vegetarian option.

Picky Eaters:
We try to provide a gourmet touch to our outdoor cooking, but are aware of those with simpler tastes. Each meal will have some additional options for our picky eaters. Examples include PB&J, fruit, muffins, etc.

Additional Dietary categories:
Due to the complexity of pulling off such a complicated event, we will only be providing the options mentioned above. There should be enough food variety to accommodate most situations. If your dietary restrictions are complicated, you may want to bring some of your own food.