PA Wild

This is both a medical and a non-medical course. It is designed for medical professionals AND non-medical participants.


14th Annual Wilderness Medicine & Survival Skills Conference

October 2022

If you have any questions that have not been answered in this website, please email us at and we will add your question below. It’s likely others may have the same question. Thanks.

Q: Who should attend?
A: Actually, anyone!
The main course is designed for the medically inclined, but has been enjoyed by non-medical persons. The course is designed such that you have to pick which workshops you want to attend. As such, you can tailor your experience to be entirely medical, entirely non-medical, or a blend of options.

Q: Are children allowed?

A: The short answer is no. For a longer answer, visit the "Kids' Course" tab. We will make a case by case exception when you register. We will likely give permission to register teenagers (especially ages 16-18) that have a good attention span and can blend in well with adults.

Q: What is the Tobacco policy for this event?

A: Our Wild Med Conference is a Tobacco-Free event (this includes no vaping products).

Q: What are the "Facilities?"

A: This is a rustic outdoor event but we will take care of your "creature comforts."  We have a "2-hole/ outdoors" men's latrine, 2 portable restrooms (Port-a-pots) and an outdoor sink for washing hands and brushing teeth. Outdoor showers will be available. We will also have a hose available for anyone wanting to do a quick "military shower."  We also have a water fountain to fill up your Nalgene.

Q: Is the weekend physically challenging?

A: You can enjoy the entire weekend with nothing more exertional than walking around. Of course, there are optional activities like the climbing wall that can be a bit challenging.  Actually, the most challenging physical activity will be the "Fire Bow." For determined individuals, you WILL start a friction fire (possibly at the expense of a blister or two).

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Sorry, no. We have had several negative situations regarding dogs in prior years. In order to limit potential problems, we decided to exclude registrant's dogs. As should be the case with any policy, there will always be exceptions. A couple of our faculty always travel with their dogs and as such are granted an exception. We also use dogs in some of our workshops so this is naturally an exception.

Q: Can I bring a family member or friend who will not attend the course, but wants to camp with me?

A: Sorry, no. The answer to this question becomes very clear once you attend this course.  There are numerous resources that have limits which is why this course is capped at a certain number. The impact on the land, tent sites, port-a-pots, food, number of chairs, tables, etc. all are impacted by how many people attend this event. We ask everyone who wants to be on site to be formally registered.

Q: Anything special to bring?
A: If you have room, bring a lawn chair. Keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly.

Q: If I already paid, but plans change, will I be reimbursed?
A: Up to a predetermined date, there will be a full refund, and then half refunded and closer to the Conference date, no refund. Given that we are non-profit and invest a lot several weeks prior to the course based on number of registrants, we can’t offer a full refund once we make those investments.

Q: If I am on a waiting list, what are my chances that I will get into the course?
A: Most folks on our waiting list in prior years have made it to the course as registered folks fail to submit payment or cancel. We did have a few folks last year that never came off the waiting list (sorry). We have a finite capacity to this course for many reasons and can not go past a certain limit.

Q: Since this is an entirely outdoor course, what happens if the weather is dangerous?
A: We have a safe location to quickly go in the event of anything dangerous. In the event of thunderstorms, we may have to delay or cancel a workshop time slot, but resume on the normal schedule when the storm passes.

Q: I'm addicted to coffee! Will my caffeine needs be met?

A: Most of the Wild Med team put coffee at the top of our packing list for any adventure, so we understand. The Wild Med Kitchen crew will provide coffee during the advertised time range for breakfasts. After breakfast, they will set up a Keurig machine and provide creamer and sugar packets as well as cups. You are welcome to bring your own K-cups. We will supply a selection of regular and decaf K-cups for a $1.00 donation.

Q: Will there be a Fish Hook removal demo again this year?

A: If you know us, that's a silly question!!